I’m so excited. I loved the last workshop. I was hosting a spiritual event that day so i had to tune in later but i tried a lot of the suggestions and they were so helpful. My gift is clairvoyance so being able to remember my dreams is key and definitely something that i need work on.
Thank you so much. I love your work!
— Taylor G.
My reading with Gogo was a very enlightening and, at times, startling experience.

She was speaking on things that I have rarely shared with anyone. She led me to start thinking deeply about my lifestyle and questions I’ve been afraid to face. It was eye-opening in many ways.”
— Raven B.

I would like to thank you for the wisdom, the confirmation and most of all the enlightenment.”

I truly believe that spirit is who connected us. My reading was so divine and I have been waiting on that day to know at least a part of my lineage. and just for that alone I am grateful. I’m grateful that our ancestors can use you as a vessel I’m grateful for your obedience I’m grateful for your encouragement And most of all for your empowerment. As i tell my people if you do not know who you are you don’t know where you’re going and we all have a root which is our beginning. I’m grateful because my reading gave me a part of my lineage And for that I will begin again! Life is never a destination but a journey! Thank you for this amazing journey! Peace and Blessings!
— Ty Davis

Your ability to call in the wisdom of ancient masters and all that the universe has to offer is brilliant.

I felt so held, supported, and lovingly guided during our call today. Your intuition is vibrant and your offerings throughout our call provided me with such peace, permission, and clarity.
— A.L.

My ancestral reading with Gogo Thule was a powerful and transformative experience. For the first time in my life I felt the strong presence of my ancestors as spiritual guides.

The ancestors spoke through her, offering me the necessary information to heal and move into my divine purpose. Before the session I felt stuck, afraid, alone, and unclear of what I needed to do to break free from that which does not serve me; however the ancestors gave me specific things to focus on providing a more clear sense of direction. I now feel that my path is more clear and that I know that the guidance of my ancestors is always available to me.
— Danielle C.

Your sense of deep sacredness and respect for those who have gone before us was inspiring and I thank you from my heart for your words of love.

You delivered from the heart and I was very moved. Personally, I am experiencing a very difficult time and I am so grateful to have the loving support of my ancestors and your beautiful delivery of sacred truths was very healing. Deepest gratitude once again for the work you are doing which is so crucial and so powerful. Blessings and love to you dearest Soul Sister of the Light.

{After Healing Session} You recognized that there had been a major loss on the feminine ancestral line in my family and that explained so much. After another session where I was blessed to do a Shamanic ritual on skype with you and another Shaman I have felt a big shift. My feminine ancestral line is healed and I can feel their love for me. My ancestral altar feels very different, very light and I can feel the guidance opening up for me. I am so grateful for the beautiful, sacred healing work that you do and my ancestors are deeply grateful also.
— Jane Whiting