“ka” serpent wisdom // Meditation Beads

“ka” serpent wisdom // Meditation Beads

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Serpent Wisdom Prayer+ Meditation beads::  handheld or pocket prayer beads for bringing mindfulness & wisdom to your daily life moments

the elements::  shells, bone, bell, & wood

total weight::  20 grams

counting beads size 10 mm

length:: 12 inches

handmade::  with love + healing energy

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SERPENT WISDOM PRAYER + MEDITATION BEADS. The serpent wisdom series is a collection of handheld or pocket prayer beads for bringing mindfulness & wisdom to your daily life moments. Remember the high vibrations of prayer & meditation in the middle of any aspect of your day. Let the prayers & attention to your breath shed & transform whatever else is happening like the wise serpent who shed its old self constantly. Awaken the transformative cosmic creative kundalini energy within.


the serpent affirms i am present in this moment, shedding the old, opening to the new, unattached yet grounded.

This set of meditation beads incorporates:
shells to invoke the element of water & intuition
wood to represent the earth, its cycles & our natural state of being
bells call the spirits at their frequency + vibration, protect against negative energies, & connect heaven with earth
bone which holds ancient memory, & the energy of your words or affirmations
quartz crystal for clarity & purity
glass seed beads for color, beauty, abundance, & subtlety
sacred numbers  ::  3 opens the way for spiritual communion & manifestation & represents the mind-body-spirit connection, 7 is sacred & speaks to the days of creation, the main chakras, deep inner wisdom & spiritual strength
Size 10 mm counting beads
total counting beads:: 22
length:: 12 inches


All of our beads are handmade with mindfullness, healing energy, & love. Wearing your beads shield you with the power & protection of your prayers, affirmations, & meditative energy.


:: hold them while meditating
:: touch them throughout the day & say prayers or mantras on each bead
:: keep in your pocket or purse as amulets & reminders of your word & meditative energy


No set of prayer beads are exactly a like & may have slight variations.

Store beads in cool & dry spaces, under your pillow or leave them at your altar or sacred spaces.
It is best to keep away from water & liquids to preserve the beauty & quality of the elements.

For custom orders, contact us.  To request special intentions infused into your beads, leave a note in the order details.

Bead sales are final.