Breathing with Spirit - Yoga Practice

Breathing with Spirit - Yoga Practice


Breathing with Spirit is a simple guided approach to the yogic teachings.

  • This offering features a blend of 5 sacred practices from hatha, tantra, and kundalini yogas focused on pranayama + mantra.

  • Infuses easy gentle movement to open the spine & chakras, breathing exercises that heal the mind-body-spirit connection & balance the divine feminine (ancestral mothers) and masculine (ancestral fathers) within you, as well as a chant for alignment and clearing the 3rd eye

  • This series can be practiced daily for 33 or 50 minutes.

  • I recommend doing the series for at least 40 days straight to see some transformation in your energy body and emotional state.

  • No fancy equipment is needed but a yoga mat or pillow to sit on would be comfortable and a timer would be very helpful!

Includes Downloadable Instructional Video, PDF with details about each exercise and it’s benefits, Free Email Support (feel free to email me your experiences or questions around the practices.)

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