Ancestral Divination/Reading

guidance  •  Channeled MEssages

Our suffering, symptoms, imbalances, & illnesses are rooted from a loss in power that developed in the spirit realm and manifested in our physical experience through our various upbringings, conditioning, and life experiences.

In order to heal, we must first address things from the root or realm of spirit through the help of our ancestral guardians. This all starts with a reading to consult the spirits.

Various messages can come through, including the state of your energy body and well-being, what your blocks and challenges are, your spiritual gifts, finances, life purpose, health, relationships, the states of your spirit guides/ancestors/past lives, and other aspects of life.

Divination is ancient practice. I channel the wisdom of the divine through my amadlozi {elevated ancestral guides} to see by “throwing the bones” - a set of sacred objects and tuning into the ancestral realm.


  • Ancestral Reading (best for new clients)

  • 2Question Reading on 2 main areas in your life



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