Traditional Releasing Ceremony

healing session  •   ritual ceremony

A ceremony to facilitate clearing, releasing, and cleansing of energetic imbalances, elevating ancestral karma from maternal/paternal lineages, bad luck + patterns, negative forces + unwanted spirits, & emotional burdens by petitioning the aid of nature spirits. Plants and other indigenous healing tools may be used to assist the ceremony. This ritual is empowering and can aid in releasing womb issues, improving mental health, shifting grief and pain, and various blocks that keep us from vibrating at our highest truths. 1 - 3 sessions may be needed to complete the layers of healing as prescribed in your reading. Naturally, new opportunities and blessings can flow from cleansing ceremonies. This session is only available in person.


Altar work

healing session  •  Ritual Work for Petitions/ requests

This session allows for transformation through prayer, candle workings, and elemental spirit work. Requests may include: prosperity/career opportunities, legal/justice issues, clearing/protection, love/relationship, removing obstacles/protection, requesting clarity and insight on a particular issue, etc.

Ancestral shrine work for your request lasts for 7 days. We start with a live one on one session (in person or online). In addition, there will be homework & instructions for you to follow or a healing ritual to support your work.


Shamanic Energy Clearing

Auric Balancing  •  Energy Healing

A energetic purification process to clear, raise, & attune your energy body by infusing reiki energy healing, ancestral sound channeling, soul retrieval, chakra/dna activation techniques, as well as breathwork. Recommendations may be made on further spiritual practices + exercises. Sessions done in-person or at a distance.



After a reading, you will be guided to remedies/options that best fit your needs.

Other services:

Mentorship; House clearings; Rites of passages/Initiations; Please contact Gogo directly for details.


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