Cosmic Dreamer Online Workshop LIVE
5:30 PM17:30

Cosmic Dreamer Online Workshop LIVE

Cosmic Dreamer Workshop - We will explore dream science, the many types of dreams or visions we experience in our sleep and waking life, ways to strengthen your connection to the dream realm and altered states of consciousness. You will get the tools to better interpret the signs, omens, symbols, and meanings behind the many ways your intuition and your guides speaks to you. Dreamwork allows us not only to meet our guides, but face our shadows, grow through life's lessons and develop spiritually. 

We are all natural dreamers. It is the easiest connection we all have to spirit and the ancestral realms.

Discover the teachings on intuition, dreams, and visions from an Ancestral + Spiritual Perspective. You'll learn the importance of having a connection to your dreams, herbal remedies/practices/rituals for intuitive strength, spiritual insight, & innerstanding your subconscious mind.

***LIVE Dream Interpretations/guidance***

Sunday, May 19th 2 5:30pm PT // 8:30pm ET

Live Video Teaching with Gogo Thule

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Inner Healing & Transformation Summit for African Women
to Feb 27

Inner Healing & Transformation Summit for African Women

This is a powerful FREE 9 days event I will be holding with 9 amazing African wellness and transformation experts. Together with these amazing sisters we will hold different conversations in the realm of Sacred Womb Healing, African Traditional Spirituality, Ancestral Healing and Wisdom, Mental Health Well-being, Sacred Feminine Healing, Sexuality and Tantra, Mother Wound, Intergenerational Healing, Money Mindset Healing, Shadow Healing, Mindset and Reinvention, Self-mastery, Self-love and Care, Body Love Healing, Yoga and Meditation.

The intention for the Summit is to bring knowledge and engagement to African women about the different aspects of healing and transformation accessible to them. I am particularly interested in bringing alternative modalities to how we approach our healing as African women.

The Summit will be held in a sacred healing platform I created primarily for free healing and transformation coaching for African Women. Through live stream, I will hold a soul-conversation with a wellness expert for the day.

We are tuning in to the medicine within and we would love to have you as we begin the revolution of radical healing and transformation of and by African women.

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