Ancestral Divination

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My work through sacred liberation is ever expanding. The vision of the temple is evolving clearing. To truly be your own healer you must do the work and I am here to set up the setting for you to do your practice and see progress and transformation. My personal liberation journey has guided me to powerful practices that truly change our circumstances on a mental, physical an spiritual level.

Breathing with Spirit is my new offering to guide you through steps, rituals, and teachings that allow you to be a living embodiment of the highest version of your self and the ancient being you are. Healing happens in waves and over dedicated time. You must devote yourself to achieve oneness and alignment with your calling, purpose, and earth mission. The “gurus“ and great ancestors that achieved high levels of healing and power dedicated themselves intensely.

Breathing with Spirit is my challenge to you to devote yourself in order to achieve higher levels of wisdom and power in community.

The 40 day devotional is a challenge where you will be given a set of yogic practices to perform for about 50mins a day. This practice in it self will help you shift your consciousness, heal blocks, and rewire/reprogram your mind.

Each month I will also offer a community Ancestral Moon Ceremony either at the new moon or full moon to share messages/teachings as well as do an new ancestral ritual I was given while in Ecuador by my Amadlozi. Healing ancestral karma requires commitment and consistent engagement with your ancestral guardians. My vision is for you to intimately know who are the ones that walk with you in the ancestral realm. We will work directly with our mother/father’s lineages.

This process is for those who are ready to make the time and DEVOTE themselves to the healing work.


Membership Levels:

SEEKER - 40 day daily yogic healing devotional - $55

DEVOTEE - 40 day daily yogic healing devotional + ancestral moon ceremony - $97

SAGE - 40 day daily yogic healing devotional + ancestral moon ceremony + one on one guidance call with Gogo - $147

Breathing with Spirit Devotional Starts: Jan. 3rd 2019 Moon Ceremony: Jan.

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