Ancestral Strength | Online Workshop Series

Ancestral Strength | Online Workshop Series

from 35.00

Cosmic Dreamer Audio Workshop - $55

Protecting Your Spirit Audio Workshop - $35

This series will involve 2 teaching/lecture oriented workshops to guide you to delve deeper into your understanding of your relationship with your personal messages from the ancestral realm and the guardians that walk with you in the spirit realm. Each workshop will last between 1.5 hours.


Cosmic Dreamer Workshop - We will explore dream science, the many types of dreams or visions we experience in our sleep and waking life, ways to strengthen your connection to the dream realm and altered states of consciousness. You will get the tools to better interpret the signs, omens, symbols, and meanings behind the many ways your intuition and your guides speaks to you. Dreamwork allows us not only to meet our guides, but face our shadows, grow through life's lessons and develop spiritually. 

We are all natural dreamers. It is the one connection we all have to spirit + ancestral realms.

Discover the teachings on intuition, dreams, and visions from an Ancestral + Spiritual Perspective. You'll learn the importance of having a connection to your dreams, herbal remedies/practices/rituals for intuitive strength, spiritual insight, & innerstanding your subconscious mind.


Protecting Your Spirit - Learn the importance of spiritual cleansing + protection, How to identify negativity within and around you,  and Ancestral teachings on cleansing. How to make your own cleansing rituals and protective remedies; Consistent practices to keep your aura/spirit clear and vibration high. We will also explore and learn about what an empath is and how to adjust your lifestyle according to this gift.