Ancestral Strength | One on One 4 Week Healing Journey

Ancestral Strength | One on One 4 Week Healing Journey

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4 Week Online Healing Journey

  • 4 x 50min Weekly Sessions

  • Includes Customized Ancestral Herbal Ritual Kit (shipped to you)

  • Upcoming Journey: March 2019

    • Register by Feb. 27th

    • Only 4 Spots Available

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One on one sessions that blend ancestral ritual, wisdom teachings, coaching/counseling, and holistic tools to further your spiritual growth/development, strengthen your connection to spirit, and bring more wisdom + power into your way of life

This offering allows you to receive guidance from the ancestral realms with me personally, one on one. Together we will:

  • Uncover Your Ancestral Karma & Gifts through Divination

  • Transform & Heal the blocks towards your earth mission through Ancestral Rituals

  • Journey through Dreamwork, Shadow work, Drum Journeying, & Shamanic Energy Work

  • Strengthen Your Personal Spiritual Practices through wisdom teachings, yogic practices, & counseling

This is a very personal and customized journey. I am here to guide you, fill the holes, and leave you better prepared to walk your path powerfully.

We will meet one on one weekly. If you feel called and have questions feel free to book a free 15min consult to discuss with me.