Your ideas are divine


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Your ideas…they're divine.


Your wishes..divine.


Your dreams..sacred.


These as well as your curiosities are guiding you through a road map and scavenger hunt towards your purpose. Your destiny.

The things you can’t help but want to're not just making them up.

This is your intuition. This is the divine spirit within you whispering at you to move, explore.


This is the direction you ache and pray and beg for.

That feeling in you that you just can’t seem to find the words to express but feel the need to explore…that is divine inspiration.

That is your guidance. This force that you can’t fully name or pin point. That's God. Follow it.

Meditate a little longer on it until you realize your first step. Then take it.

Don’t wait. Don’t toss it up in your mind to the point that your fears swallow them up whole.


Just move and hold on to that seemingly small or blurry vision with a little faith. Cherish it as a divine message straight from the cosmos and your higher power…your higher self.

I really believe that we have to relearn the language of the universe…of our intuition…the language of the divine. We wait for the clouds to open up and this big clear message to come out in the voice of god meanwhile we have these passions that we geek out about, get excited when doing, and are curious enough to research day in and out. The thoughts and ideas that make you nervous and almost weaken you at the knees when thinking about pursuing. That we WAIT ON.

In a spiritual reading that I had spirit communicated specifically that the ideas that I had been thinking of were being given to me by my spiritual guides. It was the confirmation I needed but it showed that my original ideas and feelings were ON POINT to begin with. My intuition was ON and working.

If you’re waiting on a sign or external confirmations consider this post your sign. Embrace the confirmations second, follow yourself first.

Speak back to the universe with action, with devotion. Commit to your vision. Often and daily take small and large steps at a time.


It’s crazy because we beg for new opportunities and things in our lives and get upset when things aren’t happening sooner or fast enough. But when an idea comes to mind or an opportunity comes we think, " oh no I can’t possible do that." We hold back out of fear. We hesitate to carry out the divine downloads and messages we get!

And for some crazy reason we do not feel worthy of our desires...

We don't believe that we can be more than what we currently know about ourselves.

Your comfort zone is a tricky beast. It makes you think that you're going against yourself but truly you are stepping into who you really are.

Move in discomfort is what spirit has shown me.


It’s not for no reason that you love what you love and you do what you do. What you love means something to the world…We are all each the answer to the worlds problems and if we each awaken to our piece of the answer imagine what the world could be!

Fabieene Fredrickson said “the things you are passionate about are not random. They are calling you."


Answer the call.