Universal support awaits at its most sacred door: Vulnerability.​

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It's really hard to feel supported in this world of hustle and bustle, individuality mindsets, & personal pursuits. Sometimes I take a step back at life and see everyone struggling at it alone, quietly, and tirelessly.


Yet we hear that we are supported in a great way. The universe has our back. When does that kick in exactly is what I wonder when life causes me to fall at my altar and scream for HELP!


I'm reminded that the universe is vast and awaits us in many forms, people, places, strange yet synchronized moments, run ins, conversations, and comforts in passing or meetings.


The truth is the universe will shower you with support, if you walk through its most sacred door: Vulnerability.



We leave our homes every day and engage with all sorts of people from the public transport to lunch time lines at shops & stores. Do we make the most of these moments? Are we present with and open to the people and surroundings that await us or are we fumbling with are phones to avoid all but the mandatory tasks we've signed up for via work & responsibilities. Even with the faces and people that we are used to seeing everyday, I've began to ask myself how can I connect more deeply. Where am I overlooking blessings & pathways to a more meaningful life?


When was the last that that you shared with someone else your greatest dream or vision? Spoken honestly about your fears surrounding it or even asked for feedback and advice on how to dream with your eyes wide open.


To be honest some of my most vulnerable shares have ended in tears but looking back I can see that those tears and the results of sharing my truth honestly to my loved ones and others were major energetic openings that allowed me to take small but meaningful steps towards my purpose.cosmic


Soon after finishing college I confessed to my parents that I was taking and seeking a different spiritual path than the one they raised me with. I honestly didn't have it all figured out but I could no longer be in their presence without sharing such a major part of myself. Their reaction was very harsh at time when I most wanted to be accepted and scared because I didn't have a clue what I was doing or what exact direction I was going in. All I knew was that something was calling me.


That vulnerable share gave me a push somehow and the more I shared with others the more the right support found me.Vulnerability opens up new pathways, connections, and powerfully transformative experiences. It removes just enough fear out of the way for a blessing to find room in your life. With a little less fear I found my way and now walk with great clarity around my calling as a healer & medicine woman.


Today I invite you to take a small vulnerable risk. Declare something fearlessly. Don't look back. Commit to your declarations & do whatever it takes to see it bloom. You don't have to have it all figured out to begin to share. If you feel it deeply, it is real.


Walk through the most sacred door. That is where magical possibilities & connections await you.


Even admitting your inner truths to yourself out loud and being okay with what you hear can be great medicine for the soul.


Much is still unfolding for me but I declare out loud, voiced from my most sacred place: I am a healer & keeper of the ancient ways of my ancestors.