The Power of Ceremony { Lion Heart Medicine Tour }

Ceremony is when we create sacred space for people to come together for healing, for enlightenment, and communion with the spiritual realm as well as our true inner world. It is a space that infuses ritual, movement, prayer, healing sounds, nature's elements and honoring of what is sacred within and around us. Not only do we open portals to heal ourselves but to heal each other and the world at large.

If prayer is to speak to God, and meditation is to listen, then ceremony is to experience God and manifest that being from within us. 

From my experience, ceremony activates the memory in our DNA, aligns our minds and energy field with the divine and our true nature...who we truly are. So much is released in a way that we are transformed and able to come back out and face the world again with more wisdom, strength, and an inner knowing through experience.

Many are walking around and carrying the weight of our pasts for too long. Ritual and ceremony are a natural part of life that holds space for us to continually let the past go and be more present in the moment as we move forward in clarity. These natural ways are less common in our modern world but still very much etched in our lives, hence why I feel a deep desire and responsibility to bring back what has been hidden through ceremony.

My sangoma sister Gogo Ekhaya Esima and I {Gogo Thule Ngane} have embarked on a journey called the Lion Heart Medicine Tour. We will be traveling the U.S. and the world sharing the ancient medicine with all those who seek this kind of sacred space. I am truly honored to be apart of this powerful movement and to meet so many of you.

I am personally inviting you and all you know that feel called towards ancestral healing, spiritual alignment, and a deeper transformative experience to enter the Lion Heart with us...



Our next event is in Irvine, CA. Get detail below or at


Journey soulfully,




Upcoming Event: Lion Heart Medicine Ceremony!marketing4

::Dec. 3rd @ 7pm Irvine, CA:: 

Ceremony Includes:: + Plant Medicine Healing + Spiritual Cleanse + Ancestral Trance Sound Healing/Journey + Ancestral Messages from the Lion Energy