The Path of Least Resistance


“What’s worse, the falling rain, or your resistance to getting wet?The changing winds, or your battle against them?

The grass as it grows, or your demand for it to grow faster?

This moment, or your rejection of it?

Consider the possibility that Life is never ‘against’ you.

You are Life.”  — Jeff Foste

About a year ago my spiritual mentor and teacher shared with me that a lot was in store for me but that the only thing in my way was a bit of resistance. This perplexed me at the time. Here I was making a serious commitment to my spiritual path through intense spiritual training and discipline, showing up everyday and doing what is asked of me., so where's the resistance?, I thought. I began to understand better in the months to come.

Though I want all that this journey has for me, I constantly doubt the process, I doubt the commitment I've made, if its really meant for me, whether or not I'm truly capable of overcoming all the challenges that come. The most resistance has been in my thoughts which have at times leaked into my actions. It has felt like a battle. A battle with what I claim I want.

Sometimes we say we want things but we also have thoughts and beliefs that seemingly oppose them. A strict diet, celibacy, among many other disciplines began to feel very difficult. I've resisted it all on some level. It's not always easy to let go and let any process or experience deeply change and transform you because of your preconceived notions and decisions about how you live your life.

I had this dream not to long ago where I was entering into the final stage of my spiritual training. It was the last stage of the process and all kinds of different animals jumped into my body one by one and shuck up my body as if dancing in celebration. All I could do was allow them in and let them do their thing. Surrender, as strange as it felt...and yes the whole thing was strange to me even in the dream.

Certain life experiences whether we agree with them or not are sent to you for you to ride out for transformative reasons. Let it be. Allow it. There is more pain in our resistance than anything.

So, I began to be easy about things this year and mainly this summer. No more wrestling with the spiritual disciplines that I didn't agree with or felt like doing. I settled some of my thoughts about my life and the spiritual path that I've inherited. I've spent more time outdoors at parks and rivers this summer than ever, doing nothing special but just being with myself, the trees, yellow butterflies, rocks, river water and natural things.

One day in particular this August, I was out hiking with a friend enjoying a beautiful park. I happened to have my bathing suit and was determined to get into the river and splash around. Within a few minutes in the water the last thing I remember doing was looking down into the clear and rocky river and out of no where I began to laugh uncontrollably. We hadn't been talking or discussing anything, nothing funny happened, but I felt pure joy coming from somewhere within me. In that few minutes in the river I had no intentions, don't think I was thinking about much, I wasn't trying to make anything happen and I just wanted to be in the water no matter how cold it felt initially.

In the Yoruba tradition of Nigeria they honor the spirit of the river as the love goddess Oshun. She is sweet, sensual, and joyful....full of laughter! I know now from experience that if I live unresistant to life open and welcoming of it all, I will be blessed and never lacking in peace, love, and joy.

i seek to live the path of least resistance

i seek to live the path of freedom

i allow spirit to flow & express through me, in all ways

My desire to accept the world as is

is greater than

my desire to change the world..

My obsession to tamper with experiences that grow & transform beings is diminishing

Spirit says with less effort (resistance) things flow. I’m listening.

I release the egotistical need to judge, condemn, or diminish what life has chosen to teach you through your experience

I am here to enjoy what resonates with me

I am here to vibrate with what frees me

as I play on life’s playground

may my laughter tickle you 


with love,