The Greats Continue to Live


In the past week I've seen more than once in my facebook timeline friends post saying that we are losing all of our "greats" in reference to the recent passing of the beautiful ancestor Maya Angelou. My immediate thoughts were that all of the great's work, efforts, and even influences will live forever especially if we continue to remember and celebrate them. I also began to reflect on how ancestors that have past are still continually helping and guiding me. In healing and learning through African Traditional Healing systems, I see that my ancestors still walk with me and live through me. They have been here in spirit helping me in powerful ways but I was not taught to know or recognize this. I remember months ago a friend shared a youtube video with me. It was real footage from a night camera outside at an intersection. The video showed how an angel or being of some sort appearing to be a woman saved the life of another person from being hit by a truck. She moved quickly and magically to save the other person and in the footage an angelic like light shined from off her body.

Most people would look at this video and think that it was fabricated. Even I would usually sit there and doubt or question all the ways that this could be fake and struggle with believing in it at all. Also, it is a little freaky to think that some of those who walk among us aren't quite human. However at this point in my life I have seen, communicated with, and experienced spirit in ways I never thought possible. My reaction to this video was a lot of sadness. I felt really sad because most of my life I have been taught to not believe in magical or supernatural things. We all grew up believing stories and Santa Claus like figures only to later be told that it isn't real or possible. We witnessed amazing magic tricks and later found out the secrets & illusions behind modern day "magic".

I felt especially sad because even now it is still hard to fully believe in things such as this youtube video because I've been conditioned to doubt it more than believe in it. I feel like it is a lot harder than it should be to believe that angels could walk among us, or that ancestors can come into my dreams and tell me how to heal my body, and that spirits can and do constantly communicated and influence our lives for the better every day. Inspiration, solutions, ideas comes to us so easily at times as if out of thin air and we are more guided to think of things as coincidences than deeply purposeful divine moments.

I've learned that the ancestors still live in our bodies, in our blood, bones, DNA memory, and around us. I've learned that when I heal, they heal, that our remembrance & celebration of them bring them closer and allow them to help us further. I see that there is a lot of healing needed for us all because our ancestors and guides continually reach for us and there has been a serious disconnect that doesn't allow for all their wisdom and power to live on with us, through us.

As I strive to reconnect and learn the ancient ways of my ancestors, I see that there are still greats among us and we are greats who carry their wisdom and power within us. I see a deep need to believe and be open to receive power & healing. A pastor recently shared that "stories about angels remind us we're not alone. For literally thousands of years, across almost every religion and worldview, you'll find narratives about spiritual beings who work to help us. I know that, for some, the idea of angels exists somewhere between UFOs and the Loch Ness Monster, but to insist that there are no other conscious beings anywhere else in all of creation is too limiting and narrow, isn't it? "

There is so much more here for us to see, feel, know and experience beyond the physical. Open up your heart. Believe.

Last, I have to share this little man because he stills believes, hears, & shares the wisdom of the greats and it's so natural for him!