Summer Solstice Ancestral Message


Sweet Greetings beautiful souls, I pray everything has been unfolding beautifully in your universe. Tomorrow is the Summer Solstice as well as a Full Moon! Lot's of powerful energy.

The Solstice is a time of inspiration,  intention, and action! The masculine sun energy  is high now. We are coming out of winter and spring. The time of intuition, inner work, and really seeing what is beneath your surface to clear a path for the new. Learn more about this potent time here.

I asked the spirits to share some messages with us all:

What we need to leave behind...

Many things have come to a complete end in this winter/spring time. Old ways of thinking, old experiences and deadly emotions that were sucking the life out of us are now in the past. There's not need to turn back or dwell on anything. Those energies have returned to their source and returned back to the earth to be transformed. The message is: leave it there. It's dead.

What we need to embrace now...

The masculine energy of the solstice. It's time to do, act, and put into motion. It's time to just believe in yourself even if your confidence is not all the way there. Fake it until you make it. The ideas and intuitive messages you received last season are now ready to move with you in your day to day life. Embrace strength, use the energy you have to do what needs to be done, and balance out that masculine nature within you that has to stamina to keep going until the goal is reached!

What we need to work on ourselves...

Truth. Face the whole truth about yourself, the people around you, and the circumstances you are in. It does not serve you to look away and ignore what you are being shown. Investigate what is not so clear so that you may be fully clear about the truth of the matter. It is in this clarity that you can make right actions for  your life.

What can we look forward to...

The Amadlozi {elevated ancestors + spiritual guides} are saying that if you take the above messages wholeheartedly you will rule your life in a powerful and honorable way. There will be more stability in your creations and work or efforts in key areas of your life. You will step more deeply into your personal power, into wisdom, and balance.

The ancestors are here to support. They already lived their lives and you are here to live yours. Lead it wisely, loves.

This is all in alignment with the message for 2016. I pray this message brings insight. The full moon is a great time to do meditations and rituals around stepping into your power to fully receive all this energy.

Journey soulfully,