Soul Medicine Monday :: Open & Receive {Video}

My theme for July is open and receive. I was inspired to go with that theme because like most people I desire many things & changes in my life and the one thing I can honestly admit after reflecting and evaluating my myself is I realized that I’m not in the most receptive space to receive all that I claim I want. Take a second with me to reflect on how you use you time, where your thoughts tend to linger, what types of foods you’ve been eating, what activities have been more of a distraction, what thoughts are keeping you down.

How are you using and spending your energy?

What is taking up space in your life?


I ask because there’s so much that could be potentially blocking blessings and interrupting your ability to hear any answers to our lives intuitively. Solutions, inspiration aren’t as easy to penetrate our being where we aren’t open.

There’s no space to receive if you are distracting yourself or entertaining ideas or actions that have nothing to do with your mission/goal/intentions.

So take a minute to ask yourself is there space for what I desire?


And I mean this on all levels. Check your body. When was the last time that you stretched it out, are you soar, tense, is there pain anywhere, your back? Or are you flexible, are you at ease, is your energy flowing freely. Are you open in your body to receive joy and pleasure. Are you standing tall or shrugging and closed off. All of these things may sound small and physical but they reflect your spiritual state of being.

When you are more relaxed, flexible, you aren’t just more open to receiving on a physical level such as pleasure but also guidance and wisdom on intuitively. Our spiritual guides and the divine are always trying to communicate and guide us but we aren’t always open to receive the messages and signs that we cry out for.

When I'm open & playful I'm not as close minded to ideas that come from higher places. When I’m in an clouded head space, sad, and thinking of all the worse case options, there’s no room for clarity there’s no space for anything else to come through.

Is there space in your mind and body, for the change you seek?


How are you eating? Are the foods you’re eating quickly leaving your body and digesting properly or are a lot of toxins and junk taking up space. Are you open? To receive the health and vitality that you desire?

Where is your head space, how is your body? are you honoring your spirit? Are your chakras open, do you feel free to express yourself, are you in tune with your emotions, do you feel in your power, are you grounded. do you feel taken care of on this earth, mind, body, spirit, finances...are you fulfilled?

Again, are you open to receive?

Again look at you you are spending your time and the direction of my thoughts. Ask, how I’m choosing to move and use my body? Is this receptive? Am I open?

Our ancestors, our spiritual guides, animal totems, and angels are waiting to tell us more, show us more, do more with us and through us but are we open?

Take this into your July. Reflect. I pray that you cultivate space in your mind body spirit so that you can receive all that you shout, pray and intend for.

Whatever opens you up, give your soul that. Often. Daily. Make space within yourself to receive your greatest desires.