Practice: Breath of Fire


The number one thing keeping you alive in this very moment is your breath. We usually tend to focus on our breath in efforts to calm down after getting emotionally wound up or during near emergencies where we are trying to 'catch' our breath. Other than that most of the time we aren't breathing properly. We take many short shallow breaths and limiting the amount of life force energy we are giving our bodies. If we are to live long vital lives, our breath like other practices such as healthy eating and exercise, should also be a conscious effort in our attempts towards wellness and wholeness. Breathing deeply instantly makes you feel better. It sends healing energy to all areas your body needs it and is a healing tool that is always at your disposal for free! Breathing exercises such as the breath of fire are deeply cleansing and has been very powerful for me. Cleansing is so very important not just for health reasons but for spiritual reasons. Cleansing brings us back to our natural state of being and a state more in tune with our spirit and the energies around us. When you are less toxic and stress free you think clearer, ideas and creativity flow easily, you're more naturally accepting of yourself and self-loving, and you're more sensitive, aware, and open to your intuition and divine guidance. You have everything you need within you...allow yourself to access it all.

At times in life I have found myself in a space of anger and frustration with the state of the world or the dramas of my personal life and desperately seeking divine intervention! I think some of us get angry at our creator for not stepping in. But I've come to see that EVERYTHING has been provided. Every possible resource is at our disposal and I am in a sense a mini creator in complete control of what life is or at least able to influence it. I can breathe, I can heal, I can live more authentically.

With practice we can transform. Breath with me...

The practice is simply this: keep coming back to your breath during the day. Just take a moment. This will give your mind a steadiness and your breath a gracefulness.... There's so much to let go of, isn't there? Your nostalgia and your regrets. Your fantasies and your fears. What you think you want instead of what is happening right now. Breathe. 

-Rodney Yee, Yoga: The Poetry of the Body


Photo Credit: Morning Yoga by Suryakant Chotalia