the power in visualizing


One of the ways that I jumped started my meditation practice was by doing one of Deepak Chopra's free 21 day Meditation Challenge a few years ago. It was simple and just a few minutes a day listening to a recording and doing meditative exercises. I did it with a friend and remained committed. The process really helped me stick to a daily practice which has always been difficult for me. My favorite exercise required us to visualize our lives as I wanted it to manifest. I love the real, here and now, in the physical jewels of life so I thought I'd be bored with visualizations but something about that moment had me day-dreaming deeply and going through a day in my ideal life, meaning how it felt to walk into my house or work with people doing something that I love! My vision was very vivid and it got me so high!

By the end of the meditation my spirit was lifted, energized, excited at the possibility and even the sweetness of that moment. I remember telling my friend that it felt so real!

I looked a little bit into creative visualization but life got a little rocky and I had a hard time remaining clear on what it was that I truly wanted. Now, I'm revisiting practicing creative visualization and manifesting because I know from experience how powerful our intentions and our beliefs are in manifesting our day to day realities.

We use our thoughts and intentions to create every day. We have all had countless days that started off with one bad experience that threw us off and seemed to domino effect the rest of our day. Why not use your super powers for your own good?

Creative visualization is a practice that allows you to use your imagination, thoughts, and expectations to send your intentions in motion in changing your life and creating outcomes that you either desire or that align with your truth and who you truly are. You are a co-creator in your life. They say you've been given the greatest gift, life. What you do with your life is your gift to the creator. You have all the tools and gifts (one being imagination & creative abilities) you need within you.

Keys to Visualizing:

Believe. Faith and belief are the rulers of our lives & paradigms. You think, say, and do what you believe to be true. For the first part of our lives this is shaped by our environment but regardless you have the final say on what you will choose to believe and what you will live by. It's simple, believe that you can create your life and so it is.

Be in the Now.  Focus and vividly imagine your desires as if it's here and now. Feel the feelings of every aspect of this vision being true, from the breeze against your skin to the warmth in your heart living that life gives you.

Let it go.  There's not need to try to wrap your mind around with who, what or how all of this will come into fruition. Just remian open and ready to receive whatever is for your highest good. Being open will help you recognize synchronicities and opportunities you may have overlooked or missed.

Act on Inspiration.  Let the creative energy that imagining generates fuel you. Move with whatever inspiration comes from it and do what you feel drawn towards or passionate about without fear or hesitation. (Easier said, I know but better when DONE!)

Practice.  Weave visualization into your life. Practice while waiting in line or as your falling asleep, make a vision board (I looove looking at mines and seeing it unfold in my life!), repeat affirmations, and watch your negative thoughts. (Let them come and go, you choose which thoughts are real for you).

Last, be grateful for all that has already manifested in your life up until now.

 "Visualization is based on the principle that all things are created twice: first mentally and then physically... world-class athletes are almost all visualizers; they literally experience their victories in their minds long before they experience them in fact."

-- Stephen Covey

 What are you creating and envisioning for your life? Can you see, feel and taste it?