Messages from Spirit | 12.4.14


Messages from spirit are sacred words of power from the spirit realm through the guidance of my spiritual guides.  

You do not have the right to not believe in your self.

It is not you alone at play. There is power on your side.

You do not have to rely on your own understanding.

You have not been sent here alone. You are not alone not physically or spiritually.

When answers, solutions. or openings suddenly enter your life or light a bulb in your brain that is your support.

The clear thoughts after the storms of your life that is your life support that is your spiritual intervention.

And without fail in perfect timing this support is always there. This support always shows up because there is great love for you that never ceases to exist.

You do not have the right to not believe in yourself. This great love always shows up for you.

Whether you believe or not it is there.

Your support and love is there and manifests in infinite ways.

From the high energetic vibrations of the natures you retreat to, to the words you catch in the middle of conversations that happen to be the exact words you needed to hear.

Your self is not all there is with you, within you. Your inner wells can be further tapped with further belief and further curiousity.

When emotions send you further into feelings of being alone, take a walk back towards your knowings of the abundant support that is here for you. Like in your meditations let the thoughts arise and then return to the silence.

This is a long but rich practice. This is life.