How to Choose Your Spiritual Guide, Reader, Shaman + Priestess

In surfing the world wide web and social networks, I come across many spiritual seekers looking for guidance, seeking help, yet not finding the help and lasting changes they seek. I see people getting spiritual readings, healing sessions, yet worried about the integrity and intentions of these healers. There are those who feel we shouldn't be seeking help outside of self. That true power comes when you do for yourself. In terms of spiritual work. We are no longer in times when people and communities were automatically taken through rites of passages, initiations, and are taught esoteric and cosmic wisdom in a way where they can truly empower themselves. And there was never a time where enlightenment was reached COMPLETELY alone. There has always been a tree, a teacher, life experiences that involved others beings, elders sharing their ways, and cosmic energy and wisdom that comes in unusual ways. These are all good things. These are all extensions of yourself.

I could speak on this topic for hours but I'd like to share a few tips on choosing your healer, reader, priest, mentor, or guide::




1. Check yourself. Check your intention. Ask your higher self in meditation or prayer if this is aligned. What does your intuition say? Are you open to healing? Do you believe you can heal or grow? Are you willing to do YOUR part? Are you willing to surrender to what you may not know or remember just yet? Will you act + commit when solutions are offered? Until you decide that you can heal, until you are ready to fight the war within and are at least WILLing, no further work can take place. A session may occur but you won't see the lasting changes you hope for. We all have to constantly work on our minds and affirm ourselves.


2. Ask around. Ask for referrals from your network or those you come across in person and online on a similar path. Get familiar with the exchange or pricing of such services by browsing the web or again asking around! Check testimonials. Pay attention to those who have gotten work from that healer. Are they on a path you'd like to be on?  Also pay attention to their lifestyle? Do they live what they speak? Does an aspect of their life and mission align with your hopes for yourself?


3. Seek Growth. Seek a person who wants to see you grow past their services and offerings. Seek someone who wants to see you successful, cares for your wellbeing, and offers you tools to help yourself. { Most authentic healers want to see you healed and not coming back with problems. } Pay attention to how they speak to you and respond. Are their words loving yet strong enough to push you past what you believe are your limits? A healer is one who guides you back to yourself.


4. Be clear. Be clear about what you seek and what you expect. Yet know that your expectations can be limiting. Avoid looking to someone else as being your complete answer to everything. Sometimes people look at guru's and such as these higher up beings who will fix it all. We are all on an earth journey collecting pieces much like a scavenger hunt. Most healers understand that they are one of many stops on your journey. If you are doing long term work, there should be some kind of evolution and growth, so that you are not working on the same exact problem for decades. Overtime with patience there will be results either on a physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual level. No one can do it all for ya. You were put here on a mission to DO something for yourself with the HELP of others.


5. Be in a space to give. When seeking help don't only look at it as a one way street. Communities have always supported their healers. Before there was money, goats, food, shelter and other items were exchanged for the energy + wisdom a healer offered her/his community. Let go of your poverty + lack mindsets. If you are unwilling to give anything to anybody, what are you telling the universe? You are telling it to not give anything to you. Remember everything outside of you is a reflection on some level and what you put out, you get. If you are not willing to let someone else experience the sacred gift of receiving, you energetically draw the energy of lack into your vortex, mind, and space. Give what is asked, share your appreciation...we need each other.


6. Who are their teachers? Ask about their studies and who they learned from. Know that some of their teachers are in the spirit realm. However we all have physical teachers and elders. The MAIN thing that kept the original healers of the world high in integrity was and is the presence of ELDERS! If they still connect with their elders, you know that they have access to a large cosmic library of wisdom. You know they are still working on themselves and studying their craft which keeps the negative side of our egos far away. Respect those who admit when they don't know the answer to your questions. That is a sign of authenticity and honesty. No one person is meant to be the keeper of all wisdom. We, healers, all have specialities and certain gifts to share.


7. Don't get discouraged. I know it's a tough world out there at times. There are those who seek to take advantage. Understand that we are all on a journey and the ways of the world weigh heavy on us ALL. Don't judge them. Just move forward with the lesson you received. Don't be discouraged from getting what you NEED. Keep moving forward on your mission. I don't talk a lot about this but there was the one I thought was my teacher before I met my REAL teacher. But guess what? I would have never met my teacher NOR have been in a space to RECEIVE her if I hadn't gone through what felt like at times the wrong people, the wrong money spent, the wrong time spent. It felt wrong but in the end it was all ALIGNED...a line I had to pass to get to the GREAT stuff. I am also very clear about the type of healer I am and aspire to be because of all the "wrong.."


Last, it is very important for us all to get very honest with ourselves. At times we blame and put down healers because they didn't give us what we wanted but they gave us what we needed. Be open to harsh truths and transformative work. We don't always completely see our own negative patterns or aspects of our life from our conditioned minds. That's why they are called "seers" to help us SEE! There have been many times when I thought my teacher or healer was WRONG but she was so right and if I hadn't stuck through and finished my inner work as instructed, I would have never known. I can't say which situation you are in but I pray you find what your SOUL NEEDS much more than what you think you want.

I guess that was some tough love but LOVE nonetheless,



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Photo Credit: Ra Sekhi 

"Be patient. Spiritual guidance comes in many ways. You are being led, so have faith in that divine leadership. And remember! It's not always about what you want, it's about what's best for you. It's not about your timing, it's about divine timing. It's not about your understanding, it's about a higher understanding. Your ancestors are not fools. In time you will grasp the significance of where you are being led."

- James Weeks

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