Healing pains linked to other people


So today my thoughts led me to wonder... How do we heal pains that are linked to other people?

What if we never get to hear them say they're sorry? What if we never get to hear them utter their remorse or say the words that we most need to heal and move forward? What if they never admit their wrongs and we never get the experience that type of shift?

I realized I don't want to be one of those people that carries their pain for years and decades and many seasons of my life. I desire to heal and let that ish go and not on anyone else's timeline. I got a joyful life to live.

So if no one ever utters the words I most need to hear, I will utter them for myself. I will give myself what I most need and send the rest of my pains off on a sailboat to the heavens and let God deal with it cuz like I said I have a joyful life to live. My words, my forgiveness, my love for self has to get me through this healing journey.


I have a joyful life of purpose to live.

Hopefully that plays out as nice as it sounds.

Peace & love yall.