Faith, Patience, Illusions, More Faith


First comes a whole lot of faith. Then comes some patience.

Soon comes challenges that make me believe in the fears that I confront or ILLUSIONS more than that faith that got me started. It looks like my faith isn't getting me where I desire to be. It looks like the universe doesn't really have my back. It feels like I'm going at this (life) alone. It looks like a mess and i can't see my way to the other side. At this point I don't know where my faith has gone. I want it back but i'm so disappointed by what I "see". It doesn't look like believing works at all.

At this point I can't see past what is right in front of me. The physical holds more meaning than the non-physical. Until I remember that everything exists in spirit before it manifests. Until I remember that I am the point that attracts it all, a co-creatress allowing great or destructive things to come into being.

Then comes a little more faith, a little more patience... which gets me through the illusions and open to receive what's on the other side.

Easily, I imagine how far a little more faith could get me.

Thus suddenly, blessings emerge in the most beautiful ways...making this whole journey powerfully meaningful.

Just have a little more faith, a little more patience. See past the illusions.


with love,