Don't wait for the storm to pass + moon diary


I picked up this lovely journal at the perfect moment last week. The cover reads "we are not here to wait for the storm to pass but to learn to dance in the rain." For a little while, I've been feeling alone in my shell hoping for the troubles of my mind to past, and not realizing that standing still in a sense was doing more harm than good. Being tense, stressed, and stagnant only tightly holds on to and maintains the negative energies we want to get rid of. The only way to release any and all of the b.s. is to move, allow the energy to move, and DANCE or allow it to be released. This weekend we had a super full moon. I spent a good amount of time "dancing" in my inner storms & nurturing myself into a more balanced state of mind and uplifted spirit through baths in the river, meditations with the full moon, & lots of prayer among other things. Though we are not always in a position to directly tackle the storms of our life directly, there is always something you can do to eliminate its heavy emotional effects on yourself. The moon is a feminine, receptive, right-brained, and inner wisdom type of energy. Like the crone or mother elder archetype one must go within in order to find the wisdom on how to move forward. As we gain more inner wisdom, it is so very important to retain & remember what it is that keeps you personally balanced and whole.

There are so many tips, tricks, & how to's out there but what actually works and is truly meaningful & transformative for you? What takes you from a bad mood to a more joyful one? What helps you maintain a faithful peace within you that no matter what the storm is, you keep dancing?


As a spiritualist, I sometimes get caught up in the idea that the more I grow spiritually the less storms will come, but that is so not the case. Life and nature will continue to go through its cycles and many changes beautiful & challenging will come. My reaction and the place from which I tackle all these phases of life & phases of my emotions can always be from a more wise and unafraid place within. I can always choose to be less resistant & shell-like and more open to change & unafraid to consciously & wisely dance in the rain.

I'm so grateful for this reminder, for remembering how vital self nurturing is & using my power to move the energies that no longer serve me as well as invoke the ones that keep me uplifted.

Dance in the rain. Use your magic