The Best way to delve into African spirituality

Best way to delve into African spirituality?
Attend ceremony and be of service. Spiritual wisdom comes with responsibility, maturity, and integrity. In African traditions, we have shrine houses or spiritual communities or what we call ndubas in my lineage. There are elders and priests that will never show you the secrets if you don't show you have a respect for the tradition and a willingness to learn how to honor the sacred ways. With all this talk of appropriation and practitioners working with a lack of integrity the need for secrecy while being accessible is high.

Whether it be an ashram or a temple if you want to learn you must serve. Not to be a mindless follower but to show devotion towards your own healing. If you go into any indigenous community, you will see there is an order to things. And there is a lot of work that people don't see when it comes to housing and serving the spirits. Lend a hand, be patient, the elders may test you but mostly so that you may see your own strength.

I have served and served... given more than I thought was in me to give and thus I have learned a lot. Even when I wanted to run in the other direction at times, I knew who I was becoming was much greater than giving up. Much like the karate kid initially, we don't see the meaning behind the simple things our teachers give us to start with. Some things aren't even given as instructions. You watch, observe, and learn.

This story has been told many times and many ways yet still there are those who are eager to get the secrets and cast a bunch of spells. There is a level of cleansing that needs to occur for your rituals to even be potent. Love, prosperity, and power are our birth right once we remove what is in the way, blessings flow easily. The universe gives and I rarely need to ask when I'm in the flow of higher vibrations. To remove what's in the way you must show up and do the work. It's that simple. Being around the spirits in ceremony is the most precious gift. Serve and learn.

Be apart of something bigger than yourself. That is the way of our ancestors.