Challenges bless & mold you into greatness


For a long while now in my reflections on life and my experiences, I've come to the conclusion that mistakes & challenges are truly blessings & lessons that may offer a more enlightened perspective on life to live by. But honestly, sometimes I struggle with that seemly long period of time between the challenge or problems in my life and that big aha moment that is the lesson. That in between time simply sucks and can be so heavy and painful for me. All summer long up until now and still, I've been hoping for a completion in my life, to close a chapter and move forward. I've made sacrifices, I've surrendered, I've learned, I've given myself over to life and all that it has for me but I've been so ready to be on the next page. Yet this phase has felt never ending and my hopes of completion have been met with challenges and pushed dates which tested my faith.

Some of the worst suffering is in wanting & longing for what you don't currently have instead of focusing on this present moment, basking in right now. I now see that so many blessings have come in divine time that I might of missed if I had already reached the next phase of my life. But the greatest thing I've gained honestly has worn me out. Wanting, seeking, and longing for something that is not right in front of me has worn me out all summer long. I fed into it enough and now faith, trusting, and divine time are the easiest things to live out.

I recently got some news that most would look at as the icing on the cake of "suckiness". My immediate and most natural response was, "oh, spirit must have something greater in mind for me." No mourning, no complaining, no fussing, no crying over nothing. I didn't even speak on it. For ONCE! It amazes even me because for months I've been reacting in the extreme polar opposite. And now, I am so grateful for all the struggles, disappointments, and let downs I've experienced these past few months.

I feel like some challenges are a form of cleansing or even molding. It's like all the complaining and feeling down about myself came up to the surface and left in order for only faith in higher powers and in myself to reside. I trust that things are always happening for my highest good and that now feels unwavering. So what if you don't get that job or thing that you've been obsessing about! So what. Years ago I heard the most beautiful words. It went something along the lines of... "god's dreams for you are greater than any dream you could dream up for yourself."

Let the divine, let spirit, let your higher self do its great work on your life. I make my intentions but I let them go and open up to the possibilities for something greater. How much longer do you need to torture yourself with what hasn't happened or come into fruition? Let the frustrations come but let them go, until there's nothing left but you...your divine & true self. Challenges are molding me and with less resistance, I am greater because of them.


Photo Credit: Pinterest