Astro Pro Tip: Commit to it {while you still can}


From Chani Nicholas~ Because Venus conjuncts Saturn in Scorpio and Mars in Capricorn squares Uranus in Aries.

Translation: Scorpio reminds us about the impermanence of life. The sign leads us through the impossible task of living and loving in the face of excruciating loss, insufferable pain and the reality that none of it is personal. The inevitable decay of life is just what happens. No one gets out of here unscathed or intact. We must relinquish all we have accomplished at the end of this journey.

Venus conjunct Saturn in Scorpio can teach us how to use this knowledge to seize the day. If life is fleeting then the only way to get all we can out of it is to commit to it. It's so easy, too easy perhaps, to escape what makes us feel uncomfortable but staying with the internal experience, committing to getting all we can out of it is what transforms us in the end. Otherwise we keep reliving the same old story again and again and again. And. Snore.

There is no better way to understand and get to know ourselves than through creating a sturdy enough container within to hold and alchemize all of the ups and downs life will wind us through.

Because it will. Nothing is safe from the erosion of time. Nothing but our commitment to our own growth and healing. Perhaps the biggest tragedy is an un-lived life. Don't be afraid to get in the game. This is it. Where you are at this moment is your entry point to living a successful life, whatever that means to you. Focus on where you have agency; commit to the relationship that you have with yourself and your life.

Mars square Uranus helps us to remember the impermanence as the duo is famous for hick-ups, mishaps, mistakes, accidents and oopsie daisy's. It also helps to create mayhem so that we get to test out how apt we are to react or if we are solid enough in ourselves to get to the feelings underneath the facts. Don't blow your lid if you can help it. Anyone who taunts your anger is your angel in the moment and your gateway to greater self awareness. This is not spiritual bypassing. This is not an "it's all good" astrological forecast. This is a get down to the work at hand reminder.

When we have solid boundaries we don't need big defensive reactions. The loudest no doesn't need to be spoken.