Ancestral Thoughts on Romantic Relationships


Romantic relationships are almost always a question people love to bring up with the ancestors, which is legit you should get a scope of your internal and outer worlds. We all need and desire love and affection. Divine partnership, from the perspective of the ancestors, from my experience is something you should call forth or request in divine time with much patience. Rushing can overshadow the real reason you have been brought together.

We are often sent lovers that will grow us to receive what we truly ask for via twin flames, yet shouldn't force into being "the one". There are lessons and reflections of yourself that you will need to grow through until you are truly ready for what you are requesting. I remember in my first ancestral reading the ancestors were hitting me hard with questions of whether or not I truly knew what I wanted in the first place. They ain't even mention a partner they were focused on me. It was intense...I was like damn I need to rethink and deeply reflect on what I'm asking and who I am right now. Attraction and sensual energy is very powerful but can be a bit confusing. At times we feel a strong attraction towards someone and it is often a spiritual indication beyond or before romance. You can be attracted and feel feelings of being "in love" with someone and it can translate in so many different ways. You could be sensing a deep connection to someone you are seeing again in a new lifetime. You could be sensing some kind of healing that this person is in need of. You could be sensing that this person has a powerful energy and spirit.. and that's it. You could be sensing that you are meant to partner with them for reasons outside of romance..that there is a greater exchange of lessons/remembering that has nothing to do with romance....a business opportunity even. You may be sensing a prophecy that this person is your future but not right now. And though He or she may have been yours in a past life and though the "feels" are there now, you might want a different experience in this life. The pull you feel in your heart and womb is not always linear or singular. Our senses speak to many ways we are connected to one another.

Ask to learn self love in a deeper way first. Ask to be ready and grow so you can attract the energy of a higher vibrating you. Ask to be shown why your guides and higher self has brought this person into your life at this time first. Is your heart asking or is your ego & learned patterns?

I used to think that the feelings of falling in love automatically translated to we are "meant to be." Now, I ask who is this person to me and why have we been brought together this time. I check with myself to see if I'm ready to actually show up for what my side of this exchange calls for. Are You ready to give what you desire to receive or see further into your feelings?

How your ancestors get along with theirs is another aspect to consider...and an unfoldment. These soul contracts are as much about them as they are about you in divine partnership. Your spirits want you to be honored in a divine way. When things break physically, they break and need to be repaired spiritually in relationships as well.

I'm the type of healer that is not into "make him love me" spells. I want to give you the whole map not skipping steps {the first one being you} but you have to be willing to want to know beyond...if he/she loves you...

You are definitely your best Oracle...your spirit knows the points and is willing to show you more of the map.

Just a thought. No judgments, just truth. Relationships can be the hardest rites of passage we walk through...

Ps. Aaaannnd maybe you have the spirit of an unborn child that is ready to bust through no matter who you're around....#thingstoconsider #lol