Ancestral thoughts on self love


Today my mind wandered back to years ago while traveling in Burkina Faso {West Africa} with my family. We were in my dad's village. My brothers and I went exploring with an older cousin. He took us to see and meet the oldest woman in his family. She didn't speak french but he translated and we hung out for a while. She told us that she could see our grandparents in our faces..we looked like them. My dad's parents passed when I was young so I don't have any memory of them...luckily I have many stories that family members tell. That moment was kinda profound for know that I am connected to them in some way.

So today I thought about all the times in my life I've looked in the mirror and didn't love what I see...I thought about our modern plastic surgeries...and our collective overall struggle with self love...realized we spend all this energy rejecting the tracks that connect us to our family. We struggle with lines and carvings that make up our body that connect us to those who paved the way for us. Our ancestors may not have all been perfect but we are here because of their love.

When I walk into my father's village even people I have never met with a good look know who I am...and I just think that is so beautiful and profound. I feel now that loving myself is so much more than just about me.... it's also about honoring a lineage of people that came before...