#HerHigherRevelations: The Buddha smiles for the same reason Oshun laughs.

I have come to know that awakening or enlightenment is not an event that is reached one time. We wake up many times. Every time we have major realizations. Every time we put two cents together and create an new innerstanding yet there is a way to maintain it.

They say when the Buddha reached enlightenment this gentle smile like gaze formed on his face. It’s easy to think that he “woke up” and then smiled. But what if he smiled in order to awaken? Or to maintain his awakening?

I had a realization recently: The Buddha smiles for the same reason Oshun/Osun (The Yoruba Goddess of Love) is always laughing.

A few years ago I was obsessed with mixing and blending herbs and seeing what medicinal blends could come together to open me up spiritually. One day I tried a blend and moments later I started to feel VERY strange. Like I was dying or just feeling extremely uncomfortable. My body started to shiver and shift. I ended up on my knees trying to hold or allow the feeling to pass through me. Sitting there I started to realize that I was turning into or shape-shifting into many different animals. I saw myself as a lizard like creature walking through the forest. An elephant running. A fly sitting on that elephant riding. I became birds flying over ancient civilizations watching how the people were living. And this went on and on.

Soon I started to feel this intense portal inside of my body. As if a tunnel was opening and through the tunnel hysterical laughter flew through it. I couldn’t think or move from my position. Then I realized a thought: Oshun laughs the ego away. Her laughter was so strong that only that one thought could form in my mind. I call this feeling pure bliss consciousness. I also found it significant that the feminine energy is connected to the ability to shape-shift. Some Zulu mythologies about the earth mother express this quality.

One thing about Oshun’s laughter is that there is no recognizable reason to be laughing. There is nothing funny. No one made a joke nor won a million dollars. Yet she laughs in delight. Spiritual teachings say that we are living in an illusion and we are so caught up in it that we allow our emotions to be dictated by what we see around us or what’s happening in our lives. To be awakened is to see beyond the illusion. Not ignore it but see BEYOND it.

I see that we wait for happiness or good vibes to come from something on the outside forming or happening. When we get good news, when we get that thing we’ve been asking for. But until then we don’t allow the energy of bliss to flow through us. We’re depressed or we complain. We wait for a reason, when we could be the reason, we could create the reason. We could fully be present with what is here and NOW.

Metaphysicians say that the law of attraction involves feeling the feeling of the manifestation that we desire. Not just visualizing but allowing the emotion or the frequency of having it to be embodied. I used to think of it like a practice or a ritual but now I see it as a STATE OF BEING. I now see that this is the ultimate feminine principle, at least in my eyes. I’ve been engaging the divine feminine mysteries for a while asking: What do the mothers want us to remember? What does it mean for my feminine energy to be balanced with my masculine? One of the many answers I’ve received is to tune in, feel good, tap into the energy of my power and allow the inspiration of that feeling to then dictate the action that my masculine or the man in me pursues AND protects. Our patriarchal mindset is to figure it out, research, and analyze first. To find a reason, to gather theories and evidence that can be SEEN.

The feminine principle is the one thing I OFTEN forget. I find myself in a chaos of thoughts and emotions only to have something remind me that I am forgetting this key principle of how we create our reality. We also forget because I believe our disconnect with the divine mother, the earth mother, has us in complete FEAR that we will not be provided for if we don’t figure something out, out of fear that we won’t survive. We don’t trust HER. We think I can’t possibly just be positive and everything will work out. Life has proven that that is not enough! That right there is a lie and most of us have not done it long enough to truly KNOW. If we were to truly MEASURE everything out we would see that consistent TRUST and FAITH are RARE in our minds. We dabble in it. We don’t know how to maintain it. We don’t just allow it to be. We resist just being, surrendering, choosing our thoughts; choosing our emotions. EMOTIONS are a REACTION to something your mind has chosen to believe to be true. We don’t realize WHEN we are making a choice. We feel good for a while, something happens, we become hypnotized by it and we spiral down a dark place again and again. I have a series of posts on instagram where I use the hashtag #herHigherRevelations13 where I mention this. These posts are truly for myself. To help me remember because I get the spiral.

If I were to hold two calabashes up to your head and allow your thoughts that are consist with the energy of love and trust to pour into one and fear and disbelief to pour into another, which one would be full?

What is happening when our minds are filled with constant spirals of fear and it’s friends?

We no longer allow the GOD frequency to flow. We have forgotten that we are GODS. We have forgotten how GODS THINK.

The voice of our helpers (elevated ancestors) is impossible to hear.

The love we have for our self is in no sight. We can’t see it. We can’t feel nothing but the fog AND we wait for something to happen in order for it to come BACK.

I have witnessed Oshun laugh so many times through my elder and in my own experiences. Oshun’s laughter has shown me:

A Goddess laughs because the thought of her or anything being ugly is utterly ridiculous.

How could it be when she created it? She is turned on by her reflection and needs no evidence or outward acceptance for that.

A Goddess laughs because there is literally nothing that she can’t do. If she wants it, she has it because she knows what the FEELING of having it is and whether it is in front of her or NOT SHE CHOOSES to feel that it is here RIGHT NOW.

A Goddess laughs because life is soooo temporary, everything changes, things may seem horrible right now but in another moment it won’t and life dances and plays this trick on us and she won’t fall for it. SHE CAN’T BE TRICKED. TIME DOESN’T EXIST.

If something is broken, if something is oppressed, if something is diseased, or blocked, she knows the answer/the remedy will come to her in divine time because if she feels good enough or greater than the PROBLEM, SHE BECOMES THE SOLUTION. She will not lower herself to those energies. She will demand negativity to rise up to her frequency.

A Goddess laughs because she spends all her time making herself FEEL GOOD, she only does what resonates with the energy of love. If it is not loving she (literally) sways her hips and twerks it away (LOL).

I’m going to stop here and get back to the Buddha. He is a little less eccentric. His gentle smile speaks to what the eastern traditions call the Inner Smile. There’s been lots of research into what smiling does to the body. Though even faking a smile slightly changes the energies in our body, a true inner smile is a form of meditation where you smile into various parts of your body and allow the feeling of bliss to flow through you. This in itself is proven to have many transformative health & spiritual benefits.

So as you see the Buddha smiles because he has mastered his mind. Oshun smiles because she never took the mind seriously to begin with <3

Honestly, I think I’m coming to a point in life where I’m tired. I’m too tired to be afraid anymore of certain outcomes. I’m not waiting on anything else for bliss. I choose to LAUGH and if for whatever cosmic reason everything stays the same in this life, at least I would have proven my source of happiness would have truly come from within. That there’s nothing this world can do to make me happier that I make myself. That is where I choose to put my values.

If you’ve read this far, thanks for hanging in there as I free flow/rant in bliss. Would love to hear your reflections and thoughts on this!

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