:: Sangoma Priestess ::


Gogo Thule Ngane is a Sangoma Traditional Healer, Medicine Woman, and trained Tantra Yoga Teacher {RYT 200}.

She is guided by the Amadlozi, Elevated Ancestors of her lineage.

Gogo is also a writer & storyteller featured on MindBodyGreen, For Harriet, Wake Up World, and other online publications. She leads workshops, ceremonies, and retreats on ancient African healing & spirituality. Her work is devoted to awakening ancestral wisdom on the earth.

The practices that have awakened me have been holistic, deeply rooted in the earth, soul provoking, and ancient but also practical and aligned with our modern day experiences.
This work is sacred.
This work is medicine for the soul.
This work leads to liberation of the mind, body + spirit.

I was born in Burkina Faso, West Africa and raised in the United States for most of my life. My upbringing was very catholic as a result of Western missionaries that converted my ancestral village. My childhood was mostly beautiful as I walked between my identities as an American and an African. I started my life's work in the nonprofit grassroots world yet my passion for service forced me to look at the world more critically and consciously. The more I woke up to the truths and injustices of this world, the more my spirit felt like there was more to discover and understand about myself and the divine.  

There were moments where my wandering and questioning birthed inspiration and other moments that sunk me deeper into depressive states. For many years, I focused on finding alternative, holistic, and spiritual solutions or insight. 

In 2011, I discovered that in my bloodline there were indigenous healers and that the torch was being handed to me. I was being called to learn the ancient ways of my ancestors.

I answered the call and initiated into the Ubungoma tradition as a Traditional Healer /iSangoma. This particular practice of healing is most known in Southern Africa. iSangoma is a shamanic healer that is able to perceive both the physical and the spirit realm to assist people on their healing journey and resolve familial, communal, and societal matters from the perspective or guidance of elevated ancestral spirits. We are considered seers, diviners, prophets, herbal medicine women/men, ceremonialist & spiritual warriors.

Though I am forever growing and evolving, I have found home and transformation in practicing the ancient ways of my ancestors, in natural & holistic methods, as well as in freeing my mind and life from destructive mindsets and patterns.

Many of the ancient ways, texts, & wisdom have been hidden, destroyed, and re-purposed but it still lives in our blood and bones waiting to re-awaken.

I found medicine for the soul and my mission is to use this medicine to uplift, heal, & empower.




Initiated sangoma. RYT 200 Yoga Teacher. Reiki Level 2. Life Coach.