Recently my mentor Jeannine Yoder asked me, what is my why? I’d like to share it with you.

I grew up wanting to be a choreographer and then realized I had to make a “realistic” living so I decided to become the CEO of a major corporation because all I wanted to do was to have money to take care of my family. My #1 goal in life was to make my parents proud.

But then I got to college and realized that’s not going to cut it. My happiness can’t lay in the hands of others…so I decided to take a journey to fully discover and know who I am, what I’m hear to do, and the truth about life. The most obvious route seemed to be to turn to my catholic upbringing but that only created a lot of restlessness and more questions so I began to explore sprituality and I knew I wanted to help people at first it was helping my family in Africa which turned into an interest in grassroots and nonprofits.

The nonprofit world can be really frustrating and like you aren’t really helping people. And at the same time my new spiritual beliefs were guiding me to understand the immense power and wisdom we can find within and through ancient and holistic practices. So I had many turning points but I knew I wanted more than the nonprofit world when I was in Ivory Coast, West Africa in the village trying to get support for the villagers suffering the effects for political instability.

I’m in the middle of no where sitting outside in the darkness of the night with my team & the villagers discussing solutions and I tune out and draw my attention the the lightning in the background, the sounds of the night, wind against the bushes, {it was mystical really} and I didn’t know it then but something else was calling me. What I did know and shared with my team partner was that I wanted to help people on a deeper more individual level. I felt like the answers to the world’s problems laid more heavily on our individual evolution and how that contributes to the collective.

So I dived deep into my own spiritual healing journey which confirmed that something was calling me. I come from a lineage of healers/shamans and I’ve answered the call. I’ve answered the call because I feel like there is so much more to life that is unseen, so much power untapped, and I am determined to figure it out and be HAPPY with spirit as my compass.

I know that all of our issues, struggles, problems, frustrations, are linked to something deeper, something within, something laced in our purpose and who we have been called to be and discovering that, healing that, shining through that is the most beautiful journey a person can take. So I’m hear to guide others through this beautiful journey and see where it takes me.

I desire to guide people to heal and awaken to the divine power and wisdom within through ancient holistic healing practices to deepen their connection to self & spirit.

Simply put, my why is because I don’t care about anything else. Lol. This is my purpose. This is why I’m here.

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