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Your 2 day healing intensive retreat will be catered/customized to your spiritual needs as prescribed in your ancestral reading.  This is a one on one in person healing experience led by spirit to go deeper within yourself to address your blockages.

A session may involve chanting & drumming, trance healing, breathwork, medicinal plants, cleansing & energetic removals, ancestral ritual work, other remedies suggested in one’s ancestral reading, as well as insight into how you can live a more balanced life aligned with your higher self.

Personal Ancestral Healing Retreat

This healing intensive session is a 2-3 day personal retreat.

You may schedule your retreat over the weekend or during the week if needed.

Arrangements can be made to invite a friend in need of spiritual healing (reading & retreat) to reduce or share transportation costs.

Airport Destination:
John Wayne Aiport, Santa Ana, Orange Country, CA (50mins away) or San Diego Airport (1.5 hours away)

Retreat Center Address:
32840 Ortega Hwy, Lake Elsinore, CA 92530




You’ll need to prepare the following::

Airfare (if out of town)

Car Rental – $120 *estimate (if out of town)

Food Budget – $50

2 Day Customized Healing Offering – $400

 2 Night Accommodations – $120 – $200  


Accommodation Options::

Option 1: Cob Sr./Jr. $60 per night.

An earth building made from a combination of mud and hay and is a building method that has proven sound for thousands of years. It features a small fireplace and a spacious bay window for reflection or gazing out at the stars. The is a bathroom a few feet walk away.


Option 2: Infinity House $100 per night

The Infinity House is a unique tiny house created using 80% recycled materials. It has a sweet small kitchen with countertops, a small bathroom, a queen sized loft bed, a surprisingly spacious sitting area and a desk for writing or other projects.