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It is my deep belief & inner knowing that we were born with power yet our suffering, symptoms, imbalances, & illness are rooted from a loss in power that developed in the spirit realm and manifested in our physical experience through our various upbringings, conditionings, and life experiences.

In order to heal, we must first address things from the root or realm of spirit through the help of the divine, our elevated ancestors, and guardians in the form of spirit whether it be a force of nature, deity, animal totem, etc. In the Sangoma tradition, this all starts with a reading to consult the spirits.

Many different things can come up in a spiritual reading including your energy and well-being, what your blocks and challenges are, finances, life purpose, health, relationships, and other aspects of life.

An ancestral divination is a sacred experience and ancient practice. I channel the wisdom of the divine and my amadlozi {ancient elevated ancestors} in order to see into your life physically, emotionally, & spiritually.

This isn’t about fortune telling or telling you what you want to hear… It’s about spirit speaking into your life what you most need to move and ascend forward on your journey.

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A reading is the entry point for healing as we get the clarity on the root or source of your imbalances. I’m often asked, “so what can I do?”

An ancestral healing session is a ritualistic prescription/healing work. The ancestors are constantly saying that there is much to be purged and released for us to fully realize the solutions we dream and call forth. Once you know the truth, it is up to you to do the work.

These 1.5-3 hour healing intensive sessions are catered/customized to your spiritual needs as prescribed in your ancestral reading.  This is a one on one in person or distant healing experience led by spirit to go deeper within yourself to address your blockages.

A session may involve chanting & drumming, trance healing, breathwork, medicinal plants, cleansing & energetic removals, ancestral ritual work, other remedies suggested in one’s ancestral reading, as well as insight into how you can live a more balanced life aligned with your higher self.

  •  2-3 Sessions are recommended to start/fortify your healing process and address the layers to your spiritual blockages or ancestral karma.
  • In Person Sessions in the Orange County, California area.
  • NEW! 2 Day Personal Retreats also available.

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