:: Sangoma Medicine Woman :: 

Gogo Thule Ngane is a Sangoma Shamanic Priestess and Medicine Woman.

She is guided by the Amadlozi, Elevated Ancestors of her lineage.

Gogo is also a writer & storyteller featured on MindBodyGreen, For Harriet, Wake Up World, and other online publications. She has led workshops on Ancestral Healing at retreats and conscious festivals. Gogo founded
Sacred Liberation Healing Arts to share ancestral wisdom with the community.

“Your sense of deep sacredness & respect for those who have gone before us was inspiring and I thank you from my heart for your words of love. You recognized that there had been a major loss on the feminine ancestral line in my family and that explained so much.”  – J.W.

The practices that have awakened me have been holistic, deeply rooted in the earth, soul provoking, and ancient but also practical and aligned with our modern day struggles.
This work is sacred.
This work is medicine for the soul.
This work leads to liberation of the mind, body + spirit.

We have all come through wildly traumatic experiences, emotions, and relationships but no matter what face negativity and enemies take, I have found that the only way to true liberation is by cultivating a deep relationship with yourself, honoring your natural rhythms, desires & passions, and aligning with tools and practices that invoke and awaken your power.

At a very low point of my life, my greatest transformation came through uncovering truth, healing, and power from within.

It all started with a profound feeling of being lost & needing to throw everything I was taught out the window in order to start over. I needed to reexamine myself and the world to make sure that what I believe and live by comes from my heart, my own experience, and connection to spirit — not just what I had been taught by others. I wanted to heal from the pain and struggles that come with not truly feeling and knowing who I am. I deeply felt like something was missing but didn’t have the words to name it.

In 2011, I discovered that in my bloodline there were healers and that the torch was being handed to me…I was being called to be a shamanic healer and to learn the ancient ways.

My lineage is that of the Sangomas of South Africa. Sangoma’s are able to heal and lead people under the guidance of elevated ancestral spirits. We are seers, medicine women/men, & spiritual warriors.

I found home and healing in practicing the ancient ways of my ancestors, in nature, in natural & holistic methods as well as in freeing my mind and life from destructive mindsets and patterns.

Many of the ancient ways, texts, & wisdom have been hidden, destroyed and re-purposed but it still lives in our blood and bones waiting to reawaken.

I found medicine for the soul and my mission is to use this medicine to uplift, heal, & empower.

I intuitively see into your life, challenge the blockages and limitations, and offer guidance to making meaningful changes through the art of divination, ancestral rituals, and sacred ceremonies.

I am here to share this medicine with you

& guide you to unlocking your own inner medicine.