2+0+1+7=1+0 We are in the numerological Year 1 energy.


1 signifies new beginnings, a new level of self-awareness, and new potentials. The card I pulled for the year signifies the radiance through the queen mother of light. The divine feminine energy wants to hold and nurture our new ideas, experiences, and much needed healing. It’s time to give yourself a chance again, to try again, to surrender again, believe again because this year you will be supported in a powerful way. Don’t be afraid to let your guard down to give everything. to our original goddess mother so she can take care of us. Be creative, let your ideas come out from hiding, if things have felt like an up-hill battle, consider this a new chance to birth something new.

The energies of the West ask us to feel our emotions but find strength from them. Don’t let your emotions wear you all the way down. Your emotional state is so important this year. Maintain your peace after the storms, lean in the thoughts, beliefs, experiences, and spaces that bring you strength. No matter what the world throws at you, you must learn to master your emotions in a way that you can find strength and empowerment. Your emotions are teaching you, you but don’t let them hold you back.

The energies of the North ask us to be grounded in good charismatic character. Let yourself be light, silly, playful, and your best version of you. Your attitude about life will take you to the places you desire. Your positive outlook means more than you think. You state of being is much greater than the challenges ahead. Don’t let anything or anyone pull you away from who you truly are. You don’t have to lower self down to the level of the experiences before. Maintain your higher way of seeing and being.

The energies of the East warn us that our thoughts can be dangerous. That negativity can and will come through the mind. If you believe in the voices that steer you away from your true essence it will wreak havocĀ in your life. It very important to recognize what is you and what is not, what thoughts/energies tear you apart and what makes you whole. Know the difference. Choose wisely where your focus will be.

The energies of the South encourage us to act from a space of connection. Resonance is key. Don’t go in a direction just because everyone else is there or because everyone else thinks that way, go where you deeply FEEL guided. It should resonate in your heart, your womb/creative center, your ideas/experiences should excite you to the point of sensations in the body that allow you to know where to go, what to do, and how to move forward. There so many things we all could be doing, so many possibilities and potentials but not everything is for you. What is for you should resonate. You should feel deeply connected. That connection you seek will answer so much for you.

Last, we live in an age of information. Many of us are seeking and overally consuming in hopes of finding the next big idea or solution to our life. The ancestors are saying go back to the basics. Go back to square 1. We have barely begun to master the BASICS: breath, intuition, humility, gratitude, movement, connection, nature…start again at the root. There are so many answers we aren’t even implementing fully.

If you’d like to get a personal ancestral messages, book a reading with me. Much love to you in 2017.

Journey soulfully,